Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How Many Times Have I Told You.....

I got told off today, by a random stranger, when I was out running.
She stopped me in mid stride and said "Where are your shoes, and why
are you running in socks, you will ruin them?"
Nosey bugga I thought, but instead of voicing this out loud to her, I
remained pleasant.

And its true, I will ruin my snowy white socks soon and will have to buy
more, and how many times have I growled at my kids, for wearing their socks
outside....prob a million times, and this lady had probably growled at her
kids about the same amount as well, so I guess she was doing her job as a mum.

But why am I running in socks, you may be asking?

Barefoot running, that's what I am doing, and it is gloriously liberating, Yes,
true I am wearing socks now, but you should try running in barefoot at 6 am,
you will find as I did, that it does'nt take long for the feet to freeze and
go numb, in that early morning dew.

After suffering with a stuffed ankle for the past 8-9 months, because I was
running in good running shoes with orthodics, yeah go figure, my physio finally
encouraged me to walk in bare feet, which very quickly turned into running.
And my ankle, well it has never been better, now how awesome is that?

My cousin suggested that if I am finding running bare foot liberating, I wonder
how I would feel running totally naked.....ummmm Sherilyn, in a word "SHAMED".
Why do you think I am running in the first place, well yes to fix the ankle, but
also to loose flab that has attached itself to me without asking....but maybe when
I have removed it, maybe I will try the middle of the night when nobody
is around!!!

Not that I said all this to the lady that stopped me, instead I agreed with her,
Yes I will probably ruin my socks, but doctors orders and you can't disobey your
doctor....and enough chit-chat, I need to go.

So, dear people, next time you want to feel liberated, try barefoot running and
join the new revolution, and if you are a little more game, strip it all off!

Bye, Misty

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  1. LOL at the naked running... if anybody would do it I guess it would be you though ;-)