Monday, 30 May 2011

Being Jethro's Mum

Being Jethros mum was probably
one of the most saddest times
in my life
But so totally lifechanging.

Being Jethro's mum totally took
me out of my comfort zone
and placed me in a warzone
totally different from ever before

Being Jethro's mum taught me to enjoy
every moment with him
and appreciate every day
I with him in my womb.

Being Jethro's mum made me love
more intimately than ever before.

Being Jethro's mum has made me
how very much

Being Jethro's mum has helped me
accept difficult situations-
sure I still ask Why? Why is this happening?
Why would God allow it?
But being Jethro's mum has taught me
to have an unwavering trust in God.

Being Jethro's mum I have learnt to
care more deeply
than ever before.

Being Jethro's mum, I have learnt that
through my own suffering,
I can empathize and care for, and
begin to recognize the suffering
in others.

Being Jethro's mum has taught me
tolerance and respect in the decisions
others to make in their own crisis.

Being Jethro's mum has taught me
to love and appreciate my husband
and children
like never before.

Being Jethro's mum has taught me
to make the most of every moment
I have on this earth,
but look forward to the day
I will be reunited with my son in heaven
and finally get to hold him in my arms again.

Being Jethro's mum is WONDERFUL.


Sunday, 29 May 2011


This could be a week like any other
but is not
because its a week of memories
memories of a week 3 years ago.
Three years ago, on 4 June
 my little boy came into the world
to instantly say goodbye.
And I am feeling sad
because I am thinking about how much fun it would have been
to celebrate his 3rd birthday party with him.

An bit from my diary at the time:
"Bittersweet-I want to go into labour, but I don't want to say goodbye-I
want this baby to live, to be healed.
Midwife thinks it may this weekend-its a hard thing to feel excited about-cos
I'm not sure if it means saying goodbye"

I am thankful that my little man didn't have to try to live outside my womb
because it would have been heart breaking to watch
BUT it would have been nice to say hello before I had to say goodbye.

Bear with me this week my friends as I talk about my little boy
its all memories, bittersweet memories, wonderful memories
of my little boy, who was created beautifully
and magnificently by a loving God who placed him in me for a purpose.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pens and Papers

I have always written my thoughts down on paper
that is
if i could remember them when i woke up
sometimes i do
and othertimes, they are gone like a distant dream
sorta on the surface
but not quite!
Lately alot has been scrambling in this old mind of mine
a whole lot to think out
all at that midnight hour
when i would really like to be sleeping.
Its a time of transition in our family
our home is sold, scooby has left school,
Potato has just started and my baby would have been turning 3.
My friend is having a crisis pregnancy, to which i can personally relate,
so with that is coming memories from a not so distant past.
Family and friends are having financial meltdowns
and spiritual ones too.
All this to mull over
In that midnight hour.
But it will all be ok
I know it will
I have been given a promise
By the one who loves me
And I know that I don't have to find all the answers
By myself!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Welcome to My Midnight World

Me and Mr P

I'm Misty and I've been talked into blogging!
I imagine I'll be posting a lot at midnight. Hence the name.
Raving about the various things going on in my mind and all manner of random thoughts.

The Usual Suspects LtoR: Potato, Scooby and Enybelle

This is my midnight world.
This is my Midnight Blog.

Love Misty