Thursday, 21 July 2011

Breakfast in Bed

I heard whispering and banging in the kitchen as I went past
on the way to the loo this morning.
"What are you kids doing" I asked. "Go away Mummy and go back to bed,
it's a surprise" I was told. "Don't come in here"
So as a good mama, I did what I was told and went back to bed.
I then woke up hubby and warned him breakfast in bed would be coming
shortly. Of course Mr Tidy freak, moaned about the state the kitchen
would be, but I told him to shush and enjoy the moment.
Before too long, in came Siena Biena, carrying a red spotted tray, with
breakfast for Mama. On the tray was, 1 little cupcake, 2 round sammies cut
out with cookie cutters, one with sprinkles, and the other, fejoa jam,
a manderin, and a little container with almonds......yummo!
Next came, Potato, first with a wine glass of juice, which he has placed
a frozen strawberry and boysenberry, I liked the touch, for his father,
and then shortly after he came back balencing the rest of daddy's
breakfast on a wire cookie tray,you know the sort you put the biscuits on to
cool down after taking them from the oven, anyway, for daddy he had a bowl
of cereal with soy milk, also a mandarin, a sammie filled with sprinkles,
and a homemade ginger nut.
on the biscuit and cupcake they had given us, and watched us enjoy the breakfast
that had been prepared with much love.
It was a breakfast like none ever, and a real treat, and even better, I stayed
in bed a bit longer and let hubby dearest clean up the kitchen.
A lovely start to the day, and a lovely end to the first week of the
school holidays.
Thankyou my darling children, I will keep you on for another week.

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