Monday, 8 August 2011

Ironic, Isn't It?

Today as I am baking in the kitchen, and looking into our lovely backyard
I see a hiccup in my life's journey, .... you would prob call him a home valuer.
Yes that right people, our home of just 5 weeks is up for sale...what did
you say did I hear you right? sure did.
And while watching him with his tape measure, i started to sing, "Isn't it Ironic
don't you think...." thanks Alanis Morrisette! And i began to laugh!!!
After having such a unsettled first half of the year, when our rental of
9 years sold, and struggling to find a place to live, and with one week
till we had to move this one fell in our lap....awesome!!!!!
And now, 5 weeks later, my daughter told me today,"but it feels like we have
been here forever" Yup it does that,
But again change is in the air....

But I am going to laugh in the face of this hiccup, ha ha ha it won't
defeat me, because I am victorious!

I have just come home from our amazing Equipher conference, and one of our
speakers talked about walking in the natural vs walking in the super natural,
in the natural, while facing something ie my home selling again, I could
wail, and cry, and stamp my feet and throw a tanty, or I could walk in the
supernatural and just start praying.....And that is what I am doing
I just don't have the time and energy to do the other, and if the big guy
upstairs came through in the nick of time last time, I am sure he will
do it again when the need arises.

No, I am not super spiritual....just can't be bothered with the effort that
goes with worrying...In the last few year, we have come across many hiccups
in our journey, I am determined I am not going to let this one bowl me over.

So dear people, when the need arises, if you know of a home for us, let us
know, ......and it could be absolutely anywhere, this time we are not going
to state where we want to live, we feel a need for an adventure, a massive
change, a new way of could be deepest darkest Africa, or the rolling
hills of Mongolia,[I do have a friend there working with homeless children,]
maybe the bright city lights of Hong Kong [I would go back there in a heart beat]
the island life of Tonga [a relaxed way of life would be attractive], the slums
of Mumbai,{I have a friend there as well] Who knows where but we are up for an
adventure, and some exciting tales to tell. [Gail can't have all the fun]

So, yes, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next for us,


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  1. the world is your oyster!!! Who KNOWS where you will end up next but one thing I DO know is... it will be EXACTLY where God has already determined you will be :-)