Sunday, 10 July 2011

Exercise Bexercise.....why do we do it?

I started exercising again this was something that has been bugging
me for a while, the stomach is looking rounder, the legs are begining to wobble
as with every thing else.
My hubby decided to go for a run this morning, after, for both of us, about 12
weeks of slothfulness, so that was prompt number one.
Prompt number two, Miss Gail talks about all her exercising in her blog, and it kinda
is inspiring me, also I remember how fabulous I looked and felt when I lived
in Asia, And I would like some of that again.
Prompt number three, was some of the clothes I scored from her above, when she
left for China, are begining to feel a tad tight.
Prompt number four, well since shifting to our new abode, my exercise equipment
that had been hiding in a very untidy garage, is now indoors, in Scoobys room
and everytime I pass his room, tidy his room, or whatever, it calls to me,
"When are you going to entertain us o slothful one"
So I did it, I'm sure poor scooby wished I hadn't, all that panting and snorting
and other noises someone totally unfit makes, And I am sure today, he may have thought there are benefits to being blind, he didn't have to see his mums wobbly
bits wobbling all over the place.....BUT, when you lose one sense, another one
takes over, and I am hoping it wasn't his sense of smell...I smelt bad!!!!!!
I'm sure tomorrow his door will be wedged shut, with a note in braille saying
"Clear off, no unfit mums allowed"
But I did it and I feel great now!!! All I need to do is keep going, and then when
the inspiration really hits, starting using my gym membership again, which luckily
doesn't expire because Mr P works there.
So yes...roll on tomorrow, as I roll out of bed, rub the sleep from my eyes, the smile quickly fading from my face, and I remember what I need to do.


  1. hmmmmmm. I can't say that I'm looking or feeling at all fabulous, but one thing the exercise does is keen me just on this side of "sane". I'm a starjump or two from falling onto the other side. True.

    Love your humour babe. x

  2. hehehehe you are funny Misty!!
    I have no hidden gym equipment to mock me and my gym membership DID expire... so my wobbly bits look they they are camping here for a while yet...