Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I have just had a fun afternoon. YAY
Enny-Belle came home from school yesterday with a notice telling
us that it was mufti day on Friday, and since it was peace week
they all had to wear some white, and to throw some fun into the
equation [or nightmare for some parents] they needed to also dress
in the theme of "Flower Power".
Well my wonderful daughter said "I've got a white top and a white dress
mum, that will do", and Potato muttered loudly, "I just gonna wear
what I want and I am not wearing flowers"!!!!
Anyway today I pulled out Enny-Belles white dress, and it was covered in
stains and crap, and even tho it is still soaking, I don't think they are
So instead I went into my trusty fabric cupboard, and found white cotton and
white stretch, and white daisy trimming, and a tea coloured rik-rak,
and I have had a wonderful afternoon creating the cutest little 60's
A sleaveless little swing dress, with daisies around the neck of the dress,
and daisies and rik-rak near the bottom of the dress. I also made a little
pair of white stretch tights, that are a bit flared, and sewed daisies
around the cuff of those. It is tooo cute, if I can say so myself, and I
am hoping Enny-Belle will love it as much as I do.
I am sorry there are no photos[as yet] of my creation, but a, I don't have
a camera that works, and b, I am so computer illiterate, that I wouldn't
know how to transfer them to this blog, but with a couple of tutorials
from the lovely Simone, and a new camera, then I will be up and running and
my pages may start to be a little more interesting.
And as for Potato, well I have found a white thermal t-shirt for him in his
draw, I think that will have to do with a pair of jeans. I don't think his
Batman suit is going to work for him this time.
I haven't been sewing in such a long time, and todays fun, has lit up the
creative juices and I am starting to create in my head, more wonderful
outfits and fun times. YAY!
See ya later

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