Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Other Man

I have to admit it, there is another man in my life,
a wonderful man, that gives me what I need, right
when I need it...

On Thurs and Fri, I was in deep pain, suffering every-time
I smiled and talked, I was grumpy with everyone, even my
husband knew not to say anything to me, because the
tounge lashing he would get was not worth it. I felt
depressed, that hubby was beginning to feel quite concerned.

But then on Saturday, this wonderful, kind, caring man, came
into my life, and made me happy, ohhh, such happiness I hadn't felt
for days.

This other man,my dentist, gave me 40 minutes of his time, he worked on
my inflamed gums, drained what needed to be drained, and made it all
feel so much better.......and then he prescribed me drugs.... heaps
of drugs, beautiful, beautiful pills, ...."pain doesn't live here
no more".... and his wonderful nurse even suggested vodka in a sipper
bottle to get me through my sunday school class of pre-schoolers the
next day....what an awesome idea, never thought of that before....haha.

And when he presented me with the bill, It didn't even bother me, the
pain had gone, and the drugs were awesome!!!!!!!

O the other man, how I love thee!

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